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I love researching random facts about space and the ocean. I love polka dots and cheetah print. I love Converse. I want them in every color. I love watching the sky and talking to Jesus. With all that being said, I know. You’re probably confused. Which is kind of my point. Sometimes I don’t make sense. My head is constantly filled with the most random thoughts, ideas, and questions. I am always observing and always curious. The notes in my phone are a witness to this head of mine. I am just a girl with a lot to say.  I’ve been struggling to find an outlet for it until I started writing. Writing has been my safe haven. I’ve never been good at expressing myself verbally. But with writing, I can express my emotions perfectly.

Living in a society where everyone is striving to be the same, it’s hard to find your beauty. If you let it, beauty can be found everywhere. We need to open ourselves up to the endless possibilities of beauty that surround us. There is beauty in finding strength in the worst situations. There is beauty in letting go. There is beauty in starting all over. For the last year, I have been on a journey to finding my beauty. Learning to love my ears, even though they are too big for my head. Learning to love my natural hair, even though I wore extensions for the majority of my life. I found beauty in a situation that took everything from me. Instead of letting my abortion keep me in chains, I have used it as motivation and inspiration. Too many people are smiling on Instagram and crying at home. I want to help people find their beauty. Believe it or not, finding beauty in brokenness is possible. It is possible to find peace in your childhood traumas. It is possible to find your voice in a time with limiting rights. You are worth finding. You are worth knowing. You are worth loving.

In my blog, I hope to connect with people on a deep level. I write deep and I write with transparency. On one hand, I want you to feel my every heartache, while on the other, I want you to dance through my writing. Helping others find their beauty is so important to me because I know what it feels like. To feel like you are too far gone. To feel like there is no hope. For every person reading this right now, I need you to know that there is no person too far gone for our God. You are not alone. I promise to always be bold and courageous for my fellow brothers and sisters who can’t right now.

Two things I want to end with:

  1. Can we please bring back old school emo already?

  2. If something sudden were to happen to me, please delete my Google Search history.

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