I haven’t drank box wine since that night,

He walks with part of me in plain sight.

A house full of people I trusted,

I left feeling nothing but disgusted.

In the shadows of a darkened room, 

Little did I know, shame would bloom. 

I still remember the sound of the door being locked,

His body on mine leaving me shocked.

Silence full of fear and confusion, 

I was blacked out drunk with my pants loosened.

He was stripping me of my clothes, leaving me naked.

His hands touching places that were sacred.

His mouth made me feel like it was my fault,

Still fighting the realities of that unexpected assault.

The pounding outside the door sent you into fight or flight,

I was left with the whispering of sheets that night. 

A painful secret that I have let grow,

You never gave me the chance to say no.

But it is now my turn to speak,

Your excuses were for the weak.

You abused my trust and then you abused my body,

Not once have you said sorry.

I’m taking back my dignity,

For the world to hear and see,

How I struggled to embrace or conceal my femininity. 

There’s intimacy in being heard and understood,

What happened that night...I would take back if I could.

xo, kw

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  1. That is a really hard thing to share but I appreciate it. You are amazing. Keep on being you



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