Disclaimer: Just a girl surviving the effects alcohol has on a family.

i want to wake up 

free from the memories

that causes havoc in my mind.

i want to take chances

with my heart,

and love without strongholds.

you were addicted to alcohol,

i became addicted to validation. 

the love you didn’t get,

is exactly what you starved me of.

i need to be carelessly vulnerable,

because how else am I to mend

this broken heart?

i’m stuck picking up the pieces,

since you both left it up to me to rebuild.

i must begin again

or the wounds i pretend

i don't have will begin to haunt me.

there is value,

in damaged goods.

my soul is fully naked,

baring truths and

holding onto hope.

i haven't been hiding myself from the world,

just trying to find my place in it.

i want to go to sleep,

with the sunset as a reminder that

brighter days are ahead,

and healing is on it's way.

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