Disclaimer: My ex broke my heart. So I wrote my very first poem about it...

tall, dark, and handsome,

holding my heart for ransom.

the coming and the going,

like a phantom.

you told me you loved me that night,

our sins on skin reunite.

i fell in love and let it consume me,

you were my almost maybe.

it’s taken me some time to accept we didn’t love the same,

you didn’t take me seriously, what a shame.

on August 24th, you left me vacant.

i was so eager for love, but you became complacent.

my swollen eyes will never forget that day,

once again, you got your way.

all of my days were rainy, 

my heart stilled at the thought of our unborn baby.

i’ve been searching for my beauty in the brokenness ever since,

your name would come up and I would wince.

i used to spend all my time writing about you,

i used to lose sleep crying over you.

there were nights I yearned for you to show up at my door,

but not anymore.

i want you to know that I don’t miss you like i used to,

my time for self-love and self-discovery were overdue.

living in a world of gray,

i was holding onto an illusion of us,

that everything would be okay.

i am a once in a lifetime kind of girl,

you lost that for cheap thrills.

our ending

was my beginning.

like a butterfly,

beautiful and free,

she's evolving, (i'm she).

xo, kw

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